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Healthy Brew Brewery (2003-Present)

Ken March, is an ex-JDE consultant who has been involved in the beer industry for some time. He started homebrewing in 1991. Ken officially started large-batch homebrewing in the spring of 2000. After brewing beers, aptly named Shithouse Stout, Double-rugged Bock and Survival of the Fittest Barley Wine, Ken and a close friend were contemplating life when the topic of breweries came up; one thing led to another and they were then hit with an epiphany. Why not create a natural, organic beer? And so was born Healthy Brew Brewery, a producer of organic beers without additives or chemicals.

After some recipe work, a successful line of beers was born, including: Easy Amber, Wheat Serenity, Strong Stout, 1-Day IPA, and Snowman's Revenge.

Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, from noon to 3 p.m., Healthy Brew Brewery opens its doors at 6435 Nine Mile Bridge Rd in Fort Worth. Give them a call at (817) 238-1334 the next time your in Fort Worth on tour day!