San Antonio

Lone Star Brewery


Lone Star Brewery in 1958

The March 1958 issue of Bru-it, a magazine published by the Lone Star Brewery, in San Antonio, Texas, for its employees and distributors, featured a 6 page article "Let's Take a Tour of Our Brewery." I have scanned the photos and have copied the text her for your enjoyment.

Guided tours of the Brewery begin at the famous Buckhorn Hall of Horns and include a comprehensive discussion of the various processes and care used in the making of lone Star Beer.

In the Buckhorn Bar visitors are invited to enjoy a cold Lone Star Beer. The interesting highlights are explained and a guided tour of the Buckhorn Hall of Horns is included at the beginning or end of the tour of the Brewery

The tour continues with an explanation of the Gay Nineties paintings of "Old San Antonio" on the Brewery wall and beautiful grounds surrounding the Brewery.


The actual brewing of a glass of beer commences at the Cooker and mash Tanks. The raw materials used to begin the brew are cereal adjuncts, malt and artesian water. The cereals and a small amount of malt are cooked in the cooker at various temperatures and timed. During this time the malt is being "Mashed In" in the Mask Tank. Then the cereals are pumped over from the Cooker. During the following cooking in the Mash Tank all starches will be converted into fermentable sugars and dextrines. Precisely controlled time and temperature are used to give lone Star Beer is flavor, body, brilliance and quality. Each brew started here will make approximately 600 Bbls. (8,200 cases) of beer.


From the Mash Tank the brew is dropped to the Lauter Tank which contains a false bottom consisting of thousands of slots and acts as a strainer. When the mash forms a filter bed on the plates or false bottom through which the wort passes, is filtered and clarified. (Wort is the term used for the extract from the grain). The spent grain is then pumped out to tanks outside and is sold for cattle feed.