San Antonio

Lone Star Brewery


Lone Star Brewery in 1958 page 2


The wort passes from the lauter Tank to the Grant (or Collection Trough) into the Kettle where it simmers slowly until the Kettle is full. The Kettle is a 330 Bbl. capacity copper container. At this point the hops are blended into the wort at various stages. They contribute to the flavor and aroma of the finished beer, make the flavors of the grain more pronounced and dry the sweetness from the final beer.




After the wort has been boiled in the Kettle for the designated time, it is "knocked out." As the Kettle empties, the wort goes through the Hom Strainers which remove the hops from the boiling wort. The Separator contains a series of screens through which the wort passes. The hops have served their useful purpose and must be removed at this point to prevent extreme bitterness in the beer. The spent hops are then dispensed through the sewage system. The wort is then pumped up through copper lines to the top floor into a Hot Wort Tank, prior to passing through the Cooler.