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Adolph Assig/Frederick Probst
c 1857 -1895

Friedrich Probst married Caroline Pahl in Wohlshagen, Germany, on May 24, 1856. They left for Texas on October 8 and arrived in Fredericksburg, Texas on January 6, 1857. Adolph Assig had borrowed some money to buy brewing equipment in March 1857, and was brewing in a little house on what is now South Washington Street, and Probst worked for him.The beer was often served at saengerfests and other festivals, and found a large market. In 1861, Probst bought some property on Austin street and built a larger brewery. Around this time, Assig moved to Blanco County, and, in 1863, sold the original brewery. In 1874, Probst is listed as the sole propriotor on the Federal tax rolls. The brewery was in the 300 block of West Austin Street, and the Probsts lived in a two story rock house next door. The brewery closed in 1895. Frederick died in 1910, shortly after Caroline.

Frederick Probst, from Fredericksburg Radio Post, May 6, 1971, p. 11.